Mount Damavand in Winter

Damavand volcano is an excellent symmetrical cone with a narrow summit. It looks like Mount Fuji (Fujiyama) in Japan. In winter snow covers Damavand and the summit remains with snow-cap several months a year, the upper parts are snowy in spring and autumn. On the north face ice and hardened-snow remain on Damavand Glaciers all the year.  Damavand  lies about 80 kilometers driving distance north-east of Tehran. The white summit and its beautiful cloud cap are the most fascinating sight of Iran mountains.

Mount Damavand Winter View
Mount Damavand Winter View

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Damavand Trekking Season

Damavand trekking season is from mid June to mid September. In this period south face trekking ridge is of snow, Damavand Weather is generally mild and travelers can go up by cars as far as Damavand BaseCamp, ( also called 2nd campsite or Goosfand Sara). Mountaineers with ordinary climbing experience are advised to try this volcano only in this season. Damavand shelters and refuges are crowded during Iranian weekends and holidays. Best starting days is Saturday. Avoid travelling to the are in Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday).

Damavand Trekking Season
Mt Damavand South Route
Mid June Beginning of  Mt Damavand Trekking Season

Ski and snowboard tours to Iran ski resorts. Ski and snowboard tours to Iran ski resorts. Iran Mountain FederationIran campsite, shelter, hut, refuge and resort. The new first campsite is called polour.  Iran Hiking & trekking, ski touring and climbing tours. Mount climbing and ski mountaineering guide. Damavand acclimatization in Iran Mount Federation camps and resorts. Visit also Damavand VIP Tour. The older first campsite is called reineh, rayneh, reneh or reyneh. The middle campsite or the second campsite is called basecamp (base camp) or Goosfand Sara or Mosque. The tast campsite or the third camp is called Bargah Sevom or panagah sevom. Damavand Photo. Damavand Iran, How to Acclimatize, Damawand Acclimatization, Mountain Federation camps.

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Damavand Info

Mnt Damavand is the Highest Volcano in Asia. This great volcano is located in the central  Alborz Mountains on the southern seashore of the Caspian-Sea and is enclosed by many attractive mountains, valleys and forests. The height of  Damavand Volcano is 5,671 m, 18,605 ft. Damawand it is also the highest peak in Iran and the second highest volcano in the northern hemisphere.

Best Source of Information for Mt Damavand Iran
Recommended by Lonelyplanet - Iran (also in English guide book 6th edtion 2012 - page 73): Tow excellent source of information on all things Damavand: Damavand Info and Mount Damavand Guide.

Damavand Mountain

Damavand Tips and Tricks for Climbing, Trekking and Skitouring Adventures. Iran Travel and Tourism Tips for Outdoor Activity and Sightseeing Recreation Tours.Visit also Damavand Tour. Winter sports,guided ski and snowboard tours to Iran ski resorts in Alborz and Zagross Mountains. Iran local mountain guide. Damavand Photo. Tips Damavand Climbing tour, Trekking and Skitouring. Damavand acclimatization in Iran Mount Federation camps and resorts. Iran Hiking & trekking, ski touring and climbing tours. Mount climbing and ski mountaineering guide. Ski and snowboard tours to Iran ski resorts. Iran Mountain FederationIran campsite, shelter, hut, refuge and resort.

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Mt Damavand Group Tours 2012
For private tour visit  Mt Damavand Tour.

This is an economy group tour to Mt Damavand Iran suitable for individual foreign mountaineers to join other climbers from other countries in a shared 3 days program to minimize the cost and price to Iran's highest peak. We organize group tours few times each summer and welcome interested people to join and have the opportunity to tackle the Damavand peak and enjoy the beauties of this giant volcano. We lead many teams and individuals to summit in this category every summer and share our experience to give them best chance of success. Interested foreign parties and individuals are welcome to join.

Damavand Iran Trek Tour
 Trek Tour Damavand Iran

Cost and Price
We offer best competitive price for a group tour. The estimated cost to join an economic share tour with the mentioned itinerary and services in summer 2012 is 380 Euros per person.
Let's work together to finalize all arrangements.
Do not forget to book your place in advance and get the benefit of economy tours.

Programs 2012
Damavand South Route
June 11-13
July 2- 4
August 1-3
September 3-5

Damavand Itinerary in Brief
Day 1: Starting Day. Dive by car from Tehran to Camp2 base, trekking to Camp3.
Day 2: Summit Day. Start climbing to the summit, return back to Camp3.
Day 3: Return Day. Descend down to Camp2, drive to Camp1 and then return to Tehran.

Damavand Iran, Sunrise View from Tehran
Damavand Iran
Sunrise View from Tehran

Three Days Summer Itinerary 2012 in Details
Damavand South Route

Day 1: Starting Day
Transfer by car from Tehran (Hafez Hotel) at 5 AM, to Camp1 Polour Resort, after changing the car then drive by 4WD cars to Camp2 Base also called Goosfand Sara, (as far as car can go up), then by 4 to 5 hours trekking to Camp3 Bargah Sevom, usually arrive in the afternoon (2-4 PM).
Over night at Camp3 New Hut.

Day 2: Summit Day Day
Start climbing at 5 AM to the summit, usually reach the summit after 5 to 7 hours, return back to camp3, usually arrive late afternoon (about 3 to 5 PM).
Over night at Camp3 New Hut.

Day 3: Return Day
After breakfast, descend to camp2, drive to camp1 and then return back to Tehran (Hafez Hotel), usually arrive in the evening.
Over night at your hotel in Tehran. Tour ends.

Damavand Iran Climbing Tour
Damavand Iran Climbing Tour

Services Included in the Price

• Accommodations and charges of Camp3 New Hut.
• Transfer from Tehran to Camp1 Polour and back to Tehran.
• Transfer by 4WA cars from Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base (as far as car can go) and back.
• High skilled experienced mountain guide.
• Sleeping bag and tent if necessary.
• Cooking gear. • Breakfast, lunch, dinner on the mountain.
• Mountain food and lunch box during the expedition.
• Drinking bottled mineral water.

Services Not included in the price

The following services are not included in a group tours.
This is the land only itinerary; please make your own way to the tour starting point.
• Iran visa support.
• Hotel booking and charges in Tehran.
• Porter and mule.
• Medical/evacuation and trip insurance.
• Unscheduled days and nights on the mountain.
• Personal equipment.
• Damavand climbing permit (50 USD).

Mt Damavand Iran
Damavand Mountain Iran

More Information
• Dates are not flexible.
• It is recommended to apply ASAP and register your program.
• Participants must be fit enough for a group tour.
• The tour is flexible for the number of participants.
• Contact us for more details: Sherppa[at]gmail.com

See Also

- Contact Us
- Summer Equipment.
- Term of Payment.
- Booking and Registration.
- Refund and Cancellation Policy.
- Read Disclaimers carefully..

Damavand Iran, Sunrise View from Tehran
Damavand Iran
Sunrise View from Tehran

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Events Calendar 2010
Find technical info for climbing Mt Damavand Iran in:
Mount Damavand Guide

1-4 August 2010 Mt Damavand South Route
An economy tour for foreign climbers to reduce their cost to Mt Damavand, 4 days shared tour. We offer these kind of tour each year, enabling newcomers to visit the beauties of this magnificent volcano and give them the chance to climb the summit of Iran. We guide many climbing groups and individuals to the summit in this category every summer and we share our experience to give you best chance of success.

Mt Damavand View From Polour Village
Mt Damavand Iran

Interested foreign group and individuals may join this shared tour, contact for more info. We offer the best competitive price for this tour, book your place in advance and get the benefit of this economy tour.

To make sure of your palce in this tour, it is requierd to registrer and finish the registration procedure before 1 July 2010.

Mt Damavand Private Tours
In case you like more orivacy, we can suggest our private tailor made tours for your outdoor tourism activity with our excellent services and qualified teams to support teams and individuals in private custom designed categories.
Note, We do not publish our private tours in events calendar.

More Information
• The dateit is not flexible, it is set for 1-4 August 2010
• It is better to apply to be registered in this tour ASAP
• You must be fit enough for such a tour.
• The tour is based on for a min of 4 participant, but we may be a little flexible for the numbers.
• Contact for more info: Sherppa[at]gmail.com
• See also Terms of Payment in MDG.

4 Days Shared Tour Itinerary 1-4 August 2010
Damavand South route .

Day 1 - Arrival Day - 1 August 2010
Transfer from Tehran hotel or International Airport (IKA ) to: Camp1 Polour Hut, 2270 m, just rest in the hut for acclimatization, no climbing or hard exercises and no pollution of Tehran weather, over night in Polour Hut.

Day 2 - Starting Day - 2 August 2010
Transfer from Camp1 to Camp2 Base, as far as car can go, and by 4 to 6 hours trekking to Camp3, over night in Camp3 New Hut.

Day 3 - Summit Day - 3 August 2010
Team start climbing at about 5 am towards Summit, and then return back to camp3 and stay the night in New Hut.

Day 4– Return Day - 4 August 2010
We descend down to camp2, drive to camp1 and then to Tehran, tour ends.

• Permit fee for foreign climbers
• Accomedation in Camp1 Hut, it is a quite good hostel/lodge
• Accomedation in Camp3 New Hut, inestead of shelter
Camp3 New Hut is the best place for accomedation in the area
• All land transfers to and from Tehran
Transfer from IKA Airport or hotel to Camp1 Polour Camp and back
Transfer from Camp1 - Polour Camp to Camp2 Base Camp and back
• Camp1 Hut & Camp3 New Hut charges
• Porters/mules to carry your equipments from Camp2 Base Camp to Camp3 New Hut
• Experienced guide
• Hot meal in camps, breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft drink & cooking gear
• Lunch box during the day
• Hotel booking in Tehran
• Sleeping bag and tent if necessary

Not included
(But we may arrange it for you.)
This is the land only itinerary, please make your own way to the tour starting point.
• Termal Spring
• Domestic Flights
• Hotel charges

Damavand Base Camp, Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Base Camp Damavand, Iran
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

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Mount Damavand Guide
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All Mount Damavand Camps
Find technical info for climbing Mt Damavand in Mount Damavand Guide
Mt damavand has 16 routes , 4 of these routes are popular, each with a shelter/camp at about 4000m . The north face has an extra shelter at 5000m , the most popular side is the south face, most climber start their ascent to the damavand summit from south route . In this topic I will introduce All camps of Mount Damavand in diffrent routes in details,

Mt Damavand Camp 1 - Polour Camp
Latitude 35--50--50 N
Longitude 52--03--36 E
Altitude 2270 m -- 7447 ft
Distance from Tehran 1-2 hours by car (80Km)
Distance to Camp 2 - Base Camp 1 hour by car

Polour Camp is a new established Iran Climbing Federation Camp near Haraz Road in Polour village, it is the best resting place for Iranian and foreign climbers who intend to climb Mt Damavand from calsic south route or west route of mt damavand. Haraz Road is one of the main roads which connects Tehran to Caspian Sea in north of Iran in Mazandaran state , this main road passes by mt damavand through beautiful Haraz Valley closed to Haraz River.

Mt Damavand Camp1 Polour Camp 2270 m

Mount Damavand Camp 2 - Base Camp
Latitude 35-54-10 N
Longitude 52-06-34 E
Altitude 3040 m - 9973 ft
Distance from Camp1 - Polour Camp 1 hour by car
Ascent to Camp3 - Bargah Sevom 3-5 hours
Descent from Camp3 - Bargah Sevom 2 -3 hours

Base camp ( Farsi Name Gosfand Sara), in this area there is a shelter , a mosque and a sheepfold , Strong cars like 4WD Jeeps carry you to this place, you may stay one night at this place for acclimatization If you live in a city near the sea level . During summer you can find water and some food here , but I sagest you use your own .You may find mule and porter to carry your equipments to the next camp. Rember that in other seasons damavand base camp is walkout and almost resticted . This camp is not suitable for use in summer , because it is too crowded and too dirty in summer. See also
Warning to climbers

Mt Damavand Camp2 - Base Camp 3040m

Mount Damavand Camp 3 - Bargah Sevom
Latitude 35-55-54 N
Longitude 52-06-30 E
Altitude 4,220 m - 13,845 ft
Distance from Camp2 - Base Camp 3-5 hours
Ascent to damavand summit 5-7 hours
Descent from damavand summit 2- 4 hours

Bargah Sevom Camp / Shelter is the last camp in the south route of damavand, it belongs to Iran Mount Federation, during summer it is too crowded to be suitable to use, you may use your own tent for better comfort and privacy. You may find water, some food , rent tent and sleeping bag at this place (summer only , but it is recommended to bring and use your own equipments . A new camp is under construction in this area and will be ready late summer 2008 .Remember that there is no other camp or shelter from this point upwards in the south route of mount Damavand.

Mt Damavand Camp 3 - Bargah Sevom Camp 4220 m

Mt Damavand North East Route Camp
Called Takht e Fereydoun Camp
Farsi name Panagah Takht e Fereydoun

Mt Damavand West Route Camps
Called Simorgh Camp
Farsi name Panagah Simorgh
Simorgh means Roc
Roc is a gigantic legendary bird , said to carry off elephants and other large beasts for food . It is mentioned in the famous collection of Iranian tales.

Mt Damavand North Route Camps
Camp 1 at 4000m
Camp 2 at 5000m

Contact Us
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1- We hate spams as much as you do, your personal information will never be shared with 3rd parties.
2- To help us distinguish between your email and spams,
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5- If you did not get a reply in 48 hours , look in your spams.

If you have any suggestions about our webpage please don't hesitate to drop us a note. If you have any question about climbing Mt Damavand or visiting Iran Natural Attractions feel free to ask .

Mt Damavand View From Polour Village
Mt Damavand Summit of Iran and Middle East

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Find technical info for climbing Mt Damavand in Mount Damavand Guide
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Mount Damavand
Mount Damavand is a silent volcano located in Alborz Range .On most days of the year in clear condition the summit can be seen not only from Tehran but also far from 150 kilometers away . it looks like Fujiyama in Japan but much greater . I believe that its snowy white top with its regular clouds is the most beautiful sight of Iran . There has been no eruption of Damavand in historical times and records so it is regarded as extinct silent volcano. There are some hot springs on its lower slopes like Larijan village . At the summit there is a crater about 150-200 meters across , with a lot of yellow sulfurous rocks and pumice stones. At about 5000 meters there are also some sulfuric gas making a little problem for climbers . Snow covers the crater and upper slopes in winter, spring and autumn . Because of its great height , the view from top of Damavand is very extensive , a big panorama of mountains and valley covering many hundred of square Kilometers . All around are other peaks of the Alborz range, in the north to the Caspian Sea plain and in the south descending to the deserts of central of Iran . In fact it is the not only the highest peak in Iran , but also the highest in Middle East and the highest if you travel from Europe eastward to Iran .

Mt Damavand View From Polour Village
Summit of Iran
Summit of Middle East
Highest Volcano in Asia and Europe
Second Highest Volcano in The North Hemisphere

Useful Info Mt. Damavand
Farsi Name: Koh Damavand alternate Donbalvand , Dood koh , Koh Damawand
English Name: Mount Damavand or Volcano Damavand , mt. damavand
Alternate Spell & Name : Mount Damawand , Volcano Damawand , Demavand ,Demavend , demavand....

Location: central Alborz range Iran 80 Km NE of Tehran
Altitude: 5,671 m - 18,605 ft
Latitude: 35° 57' 19" N
Longitude: 52° 06' 36" E

Best Climbing Time: 10 June To 20 August
Best Climbing Side: South face
Best Climbing Program: 2-3 days
Best Start point: Polour

First Climbs : We believe there has been may unrecorded climbs in ancient years.
Status: not active
Most Recent Eruption: None on record
Nearest International Airport: Mehrabad or Imam Airport Teheran, Iran

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